The company began operations in 1995 as an oil and gas exploration and production and transportation company engaged in the supply of a wide range of petroleum products. Gradually, with the growth of the company and the expansion of the customer base, the assortment of oil products was optimized, and the fleet was sharply increased.


Priority areas of innovative development in the exploration and production segment are the development and implementation of enhanced oil recovery technologies at existing fields, the effective development of hard-to-recover reserves, and the extraction of oil from unconventional sources. The main areas of CJSC "NK" Rosneftetrans" in the field of oil refining are improving and exporting the quality of products, increasing the depth of refining, increasing the efficiency and environmental friendliness of production. Among the priority projects is the development of technology for deep processing of dark residues, the development of catalyst production at the CJSC "NK" Rosneftetrans". 


Due to this, the company began to provide transportation services for delivery of customer fuel, which further expanded the range of customers. 


The company has a strong position in the retail oil products market in these regions, including on the retail market in Moscow. The company aims to achieve production growth rates exceeding the industry average for Russia, increasing production efficiency through the use of new technologies, raising corporate governance standards to the level of international standards, and improving the quality of industrial and environmental safety.


CJSC "NK" Rosneftetrans" believes there is scope for significant additional production from the undeveloped resource in the Eastern oil Fields where the company is working to better understand the feasibility and economic viability of the development options.


The company's assets consist of several oil productions complete of various capacities ready to deliver the necessary fuel at any time. All of them are equipped with new modern technology system. The company staff consists of experienced managers, ready to deal with clients' problems around the clock.


We collaborate with our clients to support the critical initiatives that will drive superior performance. We use rigorous fact-based analyses and pride ourselves on helping clients create pragmatic and actionable strategic plans that are focused on bottom-line results.


We believe that a great corporate strategy should be valuable, enduring, forward-looking and actionable:


Valuable: Corporate strategy needs to effectively allocate resources to the best investment opportunities, drive performance and raise expectations internally and externally, improve a company’s competitive position and add value beyond the sum of its parts.


Enduring: In developing a corporate strategy, companies should consider long cycles and macro-trends while ensuring their plan is resilient and adaptive in times of turbulence. 


Forward-looking: A solid corporate strategy appropriately anticipates risk, uncertainty and optionality. 


Actionable: Top-performing companies ensure their corporate strategy is both intuitive and realistic. It should be easy to communicate internally and externally and also provide for an approach that can be acted on by all business units at all levels.