Health and Safety

Our strategic goal is to achieve a leading position amongst oil and gas companies on all key indicators concerning Occupational Health and Safety. In order to accomplish this goal, the Company continually updates its IMS, improves employees’ qualification and applies advanced technologies.


In accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law “On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities” and the “Rules on the Organization and Implementation of Industrial Control over Compliance with Industrial Safety Requirements at Hazardous Production Facilities”, all of our subsidiaries have adopted “Regulations on the Organization and Implementation of Industrial Compliance Control”. As part of the monitoring and compliance process, we have established industrial control compliance commissions, who carry out regular audits of departments and production facilities to check adherence to health and safety requirements.


Workplace certification includes evaluating measures to control the harmful impact of hazardous factors in the workplace. Measures to improve working conditions are developed based on the results of the certification process. In the reporting year, we certified several workplaces. They were no hazardous conditions found during the inspection.


In 2016, a CJSC "NK" Rosneftetrans" commission continued comprehensive audits of CJSC "NK" Rosneftetrans" subsidiaries for occupational health, industrial, fire and environmental safety requirements.  In the reporting year, we conducted OHS due diligence checks on four subsidiaries and joint ventures. Based on their findings, relevant reports were produced, and remedial measures were developed.


All of CJSC "NK" Rosneftetrans" subsidiaries and joint ventures conduct periodic safety training and briefings; personnel training and development programs are offered, among others, by specialized training centers; knowledge assessment is implemented on a regular basis.  During 2016, all entities undertook scheduled and unscheduled Health and Safety knowledge tests; within this period, 3,851 employees underwent occupational health training courses and certification, and 960 employees underwent safety training courses.